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Top 20 Songs About the Color Green

Green rock songs! Green is the most soothing of colors and gets its fair share of lyrical space in pop and rock songs. Green is a soothing color, the shade of nature. Here are the top 20 rock songs recorded about the passionate calming color of green. 

1 - Velvet Green by Jethro Tull from the Songs from the Wood LP - the best of the green tunes. Walking on velvet green . . .

2 - Green Tambourine by the Lemon Pipers. A big psychedelic 60s hit.

3 - Green Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf, a great 70s hit that topped the FM radio charts for more than a few weeks (ask your dad; he'll tell you what a radio is).

4 - Green Eyes by Coldplay, another band obsessed with green peepers.

5 - Emerald Lies by Marillion (Many listeners used to think it was Emerald Eyes, but no.)

6 - Green Day by Green Day. Yes, of course. . .  an obvious choice. It's in their name!

7 - Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival

8 - Jack in the Green by Jethro Tull, also from Songs from the Wood

9 - Memories of Green by Vangelis

10 - Blood of Emeralds by Gary Moore

11 - Seeing Green by Nicki Manaj feat. Drake

12 - Green Hall by the Misfits

13 - Green Onions by Booker T & the MG's

14 - Green and Blues by the Pixies

15 - Emerald by Thin Lizzy

16 -On Green Dolphin Street by Miles Davis

17 - Green Disease by Pearl Jam

18 - Green Green Grass of Home by Tom Jones

19- Little Green Valley by Marty Robbins

Check out the rest of the rainbow, songs penned in passion Red and cool Blue:

20 - Green is the Colour by Pink Floyd, from an earlier trippier LP "More" (1969)

Bonus Track:  Green by Cavetown

plus: Little Green by Joni Mitchell

Can we include Limelight by Rush? Wait, I don't think they meant "lime colored" light. So, no.

Those are the greenest songs we could find. The grass is always greener on the other side of B-flat.

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